04 June 2008

Easy Share - Free File Hosting

Easy Share is a free file hosting where you can upload your file up to 100MB/file and you'll earn money if someone download your file.

There are 4 ways to upload files to Easy-share:

1. Web upload: Use the form on the Home Page.
2. Ftp upload: To use ftp upload, you'll have to create a free account.
- Ftp server: upload.easy-share.com
- Use login and password of your account.
- You can resume interrupted uploads and retrieve a list of uploaded files without leaving a ftp session.
3. Upload using software: Use Easy Uploader! This freeware makes file uploads even easier. You select as many files you want to upload and click the Upload button. Uploads will be anonymous until you enter login/password in the Settings menu in Easy Uploader software.
4. Remote upload(this is why i choose Easy Share): Download a file from any http or ftp server and upload it to your account at Easy-share. You have to register to use this feature.

Easy-share gives you a chance to earn money without extra effort. Get paid for uploading and sharing useful files.

How it works?

1. When someone downloads your file, they'll pay you for these downloads.
2. When someone uploads a file via your personalized upload toolbar, you'll earn money with these files.
3. When you refer a new registered user to Easy-share, you'll get 10% of his earnings.

Want to Join?? Click HERE to go to SignUp Page

or you can upload your file as Anonymous using my Upload Widget at the sidebar


OOM said...

thanks dah di pasang :)

Santhosh said...

Easy Share is good file hosting. You can also make money by uploading files at http://uploads.bizhat.com

Prayoga said...

Hello, I have some question, how long my files will be exist? Is there any time limit? How much capacity ES will give? Thanks..

Mas Lana said...

okey, It's good Information. I'll try It

Free Download99 said...

@ Prayoga:
1. Easy-Share will store your file/s on their server as long there's someone download it. But if there's no download for more than 30 days. Your file/s will be deleted to maintain the server Harddisk.
2. There's no capacity limitation, you can upload file/s as many as you want to. However the only limitation is the file size(100MB/file).

John said...

I suggest you store your files on this site Eat Bytes Free File Hosting in order to save on bandwidth costs. Files are hosted on a 1000Mbit unmetered port. You can put links to these files on your website so your users can easily download them. They have no download limitations, hosting costs are only covered by advertising revenue. No worry that you'll need to buy a "premium" account.

Free Download99 said...

Thanks for the info. I'm gonna to see is there an option to upload files remotely. because i really need that.