27 May 2008

Free Online Blog Backup

Today you want to login to your blogger account and find your blog gone, corrupted, or deleted forever! What you gonna do? Cry for 1 week ? or maybe Bang your head to the wall ?? (Ouchh...). Thats the reason why you need to backup your blog regularly.

There is several way to do that, but i'm gonna tell you the easiest way to backup your blog:
1. Sign up to BlogBackupOnline by clicking the banner below.

2. Fill the form by entering your email address and password for BlogBackupOnline.
3. See your mailbox and activate account by clicking the link.
4. Sign in with your email and password
5. Register your blog by entering the URL address. exp: http://yourblog.blogspot.com.
6. To manage your account, go to dashboard.
7. Done.

And now your blog are backed up automatically, hope this info useful for you. Enjoy blogging...!


E-Tavasi said...

Nice..how to backup blog ??