15 May 2008

Songbird 0.5 Final

Songbird description
A media player supporting podcast, radio, library, music stores and much more

Songbird is a media player capable of playing both video and audio files. Songbird has support for library, radio, podcast, network services and devices, music stores and web search.

Songbird makes a desktop media player called the Songbird Player. Qtrax licensed the Songbird Player, added the Qtrax brand, changed the look, and then integrated the Qtrax advertising supported music download service.

If you speak geek, Songbird is a software platform providing open API's to allow seamless integration of devices and services into a desktop media player using markup, Javascript, CSS and other Web developer tools.

What's New in This Release:

· New Default Bundle (you may opt-out)
· iPod Device (linux/osx/win32)
· USB Mass Storage Device (win32)
· Quicktime DRM Audio Playback (osx/win32)
· Windows Media DRM Audio Playback (win32)
· New Features
· Commandline Handling - You can launch us with media from your OS, now.
· Classic "Plucked" Feathers - Runs Songbird in your native OS chrome.
· Web Library - A filterable list of all the mp3 files you've seen while surfing.
· HTML Subscriptions - Now view the subscribed webpage along with the media tracks.
· Linux Fullscreen Video - Because we all know video-in-a-dinky-window sucks.
· With many thanks to Eternalsword, a member of our community who volunteered to help create this feature.
· New Tools Menu - We moved "Extensions..." to "Add-Ons..." and "Preferences..." to "Options..."...
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