05 July 2008

Free Easy Share Premium Account

Hello guys! Thank you for coming.. Maybe some of you came here from Google.com that searching for Free Easy Share Premium Account. First I want to let you know, that I'm not going to give you the account for free. So I'm sorry for disappointing you hehe..(peace ...). I have 2 reason for creating this post.

1. I'm trying to drive the traffic to my Blog with the title above, since i'm new to this called SEO technique, if you came from Google.com, then maybe this trick works .
2. I want to offer you a very low price of Easy Share Premium Account. This is how its work..

I'm offering 1 month Easy Share Premium Account only for $2, each account will be used by 10 users. To get this account, first you need to email me at mr.amen.orgil at - gmail - dot - com (with subject: ESPA) to ask for the account. After it reach 10 persons, i will send you all a link for the payment via PayPal. If its not reach 10 persons, then you have to wait a little longer to get the account. Maybe you gonna ask why i need to wait for 10 persons? That's because i have to activate the account and then send it to all of you at the same time, so you'll get full 1 month account.

What do i get for all of this?

At Easy Share main page, you can see the prize of 1 month Premium Account is €11,95 = $18 - $19 (am i right?, i'm using PayPal Currency Converter where €1 = $1.53
). For you to know that i'm a member of Easy Share. As a member, i have a discount coupon. When someone buy a Premium Account using my discount coupon, i get 10% of the transactions. So, i'm gonna use my discount coupon to buy the account for you. You've got the account, i've got the money.... Is that fair for you??

PS: I'm not sure if we can login at the same time. But one thing for sure, that we can use the account together .

Want to give it a try??
What do you think about this idea? Please tell me at the comment box.