06 July 2008

VersionTracker Pro 4.1

Whether you are keeping a home PC up-to-date or you're an IT professional, VersionTracker Pro--a new CNET service--delivers all the information you need to make the right decision on updating your drivers and software.

VersionTracker Pro checks your installed drivers and software against an online database and offers upgrade details, compatibility, ratings and reviews, and download links. VersionTracker Pro lets you quickly manage the software you care about and the drivers you need.

Start by running your free scan to see a complete list of your drivers and software and all available updates. Then you can begin downloading every update you need, and you'll always be the first to know when upgrades for your drivers and software are available.

Updates to version 4.1 include the following: improvements to free trial scan so users have to ability to click through the interface and view information on individual software and drivers that are out of date; improved matching with Dell configurations - more accurately identifies Dell hardware specifications to refine scan results; and fixing a bug that would cause version 4.0 to crash when applications containing Unicode characters were scanned.

File Size: 5.66MB
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista


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