27 October 2008

Passtracker v2.1.8

Passtracker enables you to keep all of your passwords in one easily accessible place. Store your membership website, FTP account, game server, etc., account information. This is much better then writing this information down on a scrap of paper (and maybe losing it), or worse, just using the same password on every site!

Your Passtracker user file is encrypted and can only be viewed with the master password you enter, so if someone tries to snoop through your computer, or your computer is stolen, they won't be able to view your account information.

It also supports multiple user accounts so that each member of the family can have their own separate, password-protected user file.

It can optionally generate random passwords for more security.

Passtracker also allows you to print your password list, and includes full backup and restore functions.

File Size: 1.7MB
OS: Windows