25 May 2011

Home Mortgage Calculator for Excel

This Excel spreadsheet is a home mortgage calculator. It lets you analyze a fixed or variable rate home mortgage. You can set up periodic additional payments, or add additional payments by hand within the Payment Schedule. Use the spreadsheet to compare different term lengths, rates, loan amounts, and the savings from making additional payments. It also calculates the outstanding balance at the finish of a specified number of years and the tax returned if the interest paid is tax deductible.

"No Installation, No Macros - a simple spreadsheet - An original creation by Dr. Jon Wittwer of Vertex42.com"

Information about how to make use of our free home mortgage calculator and definitions of a quantity of the terms are included as cell comments in the spreadsheet. So, in case you have questions, you can hover the mouse cursor over any cell that has a tiny red triangle in the corner.

Using this Home Mortgage Calculator

* How much am I able to save by making additional payments?
* How does the tax deduction from paying interest alter over time?
* How much might my every month payment alter over time if I have a variable-rate mortgage?
* How soon could I pay off my home if I make additional payments?
* What will my loan balance be at the finish of two or three years?

This mortgage calculator can help you answer a quantity of the following questions:

* Estimates Property Taxes and Insurance for calculation of the PITI payment.
* Automatically calculates so-called "Accelerated Bi-Weekly" payments.
* Works for both US and Canadian mortgages (by the compounding option).
* Highly flexible additional payment options.
* Select a fixed-rate or variable rate mortage.