02 June 2008

DeskSave 8.1.2

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In Windows, when screen resolution changes, the order of the desktop icons very often gets mixed up. With DeskSave it is quite easy to recover a previously saved icon layout either manually or automatically. Software developers are given the opportunity to test their applications in different screen resolutions without disarranging the desktop icons.


  • Saves the icon layout according to current user and screen resolution
  • Restoring works properly, even if 'Auto Arrange' or 'Align to Grid' (Windows XP/Vista) is activated
  • Accepts command line parameters
  • Auto restore after resolution change, program start or resume from standby/hibernation
  • Auto save at logoff
  • Unicode support, layouts are saved UTF-8 encoded
  • Starts with Windows, if desired
  • Saves icon layouts to files
  • Undo after restoration
  • Provides backups of current and saved layouts
  • Optional portable mode, leaves no traces on the system
  • Supports multiple displays
  • Supports English and German language
  • Optional shell extension for the desktop, thereby easy access to functions without background process
  • No setup routine, just unpack the archive and DeskSave is ready
  • Easy deletion of all saved primary layouts, backups settings, DeskSave is completely removable
File Size: 180Kb
OS: Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista (32 bit)
More Info: www.desksave.de