19 October 2008

Anti-Virus&Spyware 5.23

Anti-virus&Spyware helps you remove spyware, password stealers, adware and viruses. It protects stored data and downloaded files. Anti-Virus&Spyware supervises all running processes in the memory system, Windows files, and open ports, searching for viruses and spywares at all time. Once a virus or spyware appears, even if it is hidden in other programs, Anti-Virus&Spyware will display a signal and eliminate the intruder automatically.

Anti-Virus&Spyware also supply the utility tools to configure your system immune with spyware and recover the damages caused by spywares. Anti-virus&Spyware does not conflict with other antivirus programs. Version 5.23 updates spyware definition library.

File Size: 1,31MB
OS: Windows