17 October 2008

Memeo AutoSync

Memeo AutoSync, easily keep all of your computers up to date.


  • Simple Setup: A simple one time setup is all it takes to begin syncing your files between multiple computers, USB devices, portable hard drives, your iPod and more. Within minutes you’ll have your latest work, most current photos and favorite music on all your computers and storage devices.
  • AutoSync Remembers: If your syncing device isn’t attached to your computer, don’t worry, Memeo’s LifeAgent™ Technology keeps track of new or changed files and automatically sync’s them when you reattach the device to your computer.
  • No More Dragging and Dropping: The days of dropping and dragging are over. Now you can let AutoSync do the tedious and time consuming work of manually managing all your digital files. With one simple click you can select photos or music and let AutoSync do the work of finding them on your computer, no matter where they are located.
  • Flexible and Secure: Create separate sync plans for work documents, photos, music and more. Use a USB key or your iPod to keep documents up to date between a work and home PC.
File Size: 13MB
OS: Windows