26 November 2008

A4 Flash Menu Builder

A4 Flash Menu Builder is an all-in-one, easy-to-use, templates-based Flash Menu Building software. It helps you to create professional looking Flash menus in minutes. No Flash programming, scripting, or design skills required.


  • Add your own logo image, easily input your web site title, base line, and email address
  • Easily adjust image and text position by using sliding bars
  • Easily link menu and sub-menu to a local page, a remote web site, or an email link
  • Modify font size, color, and the animated effects of each menu item easily
  • Add background music to menu header with single mouse click
  • Support unlimited number of 1st-level main menus and 2nd-level sub-menus
  • Automatically generated HTML file with the Flash Menu Embeded, with or without FRAMEs
  • Special ICON-LINKs feature for maximum flexibility, and make your site standout among others.