28 November 2008

Tune Tools for iPod (Win/Mac)

Your iPod is more than just your music jukebox, now with video and podcast capabilities, it's your portable hard drive and entertainment gadget. Up until now, your iPod's potential has been limited by iTunes' features. Now with Tune Tools for iPod (Win/Mac) fully integrated features, it's time to unlock your iPod's potential. Get songs out of your iPod, perform backups, and get the most out of your iPod.


Easily transfer songs, videos, and podcasts

  • Transfer individual iPod files and playlists directly to another iPod
  • Move songs, videos, podcasts, and other files easily from your iPod to a different computer
  • Migrate songs, videos, podcasts, and playlists directly into iTunes to grow your music library without losing playcounts and other information
  • Clone your iPod contents to another iPod
Instantly recover lost songs and files
  • Restore files that occasionally disappear from the iPod database with the click of a mouse
Clean up and sync your iPod library
  • Remove duplicate songs from your iPod
  • Correct tag inconsistencies in your iPod and iTunes library
  • Detect inconsistencies between your iTunes library and your iPod
Detect and fix iPod errors
  • Check the health of your iPod hard drive to find problems before they find you
  • Detect and correct corrupt files in your iPod library with the click of a mouse
Backup and restore your media
  • Use the Full Backup feature to protect the full content of your iPod from loss or corruption
  • Make instant backups of your iPod files using our Quick Backup technology
  • Restore your iPod quickly from a Quick or Full Backup using Smart Restore from Tune Tools
View and edit song information
  • Get instant access to artist, album, and song information when you transfer your iPod database
Simplified user interface
  • Get the most out of your iPod with Tune Tool's user-friendly interface for quick transfers, backups, and more