05 November 2008

SurveilStar Employee Monitoring Software

SurveilStar is the trustworthy PC/Internet monitoring software that helps to secure your business and improve productivity and efficiency. SurveilStar is feature-rich, easy and intuitive.

SurveilStar records every detail of computer and Internet activities - emails, chats and instant messages, web sites visited, search history, program activities, document operations, printing, disc burning, removable devices, and many more. With SurveilStar, you can monitor everything they do on computers and the Internet, nothing hides from you.

The surveillance screen snapshot feature enables you to see exactly what the monitored targets do on their computers, like you are watching behind them.

What’s important, SurveilStar puts you in control. Whatever you can monitor, you can control it. You can control certain computer’s access to websites, filter outgoing files via IM, block email attachment, disable removable device drive, cancel unauthorized file sharing, prevent changing system configurations, and many more. You can even lock the target computer if potential sabotage is out there.

Stealth mode, all-around records and reports, real-time multi-screen snapshot monitoring, dynamic PC/Internet control strategies, all these combine to build a complete solution for protecting your intellectual properties and business secrets, reducing slackers, prevent Internet and email abuse and related potential legal liability, and improve productivity.

Statistics, event logs, policies, instant message contents, emails and asset management all can be exported and saved as HTML/Excel/Text (CSV) files.


  • Screen snapshots: See exactly what they do with real-time screen snapshots
  • Websites: Review every website they visit
  • Emails: Record every email sent or received
  • Chats/IM: Record their chats and instant messages
  • Network: Review network connection and file sharing
  • Documents: Monitor all document operations
  • Programs: See how they use programs in office
  • Devices: Monitor every device plug-in/plug-off
  • Assets: Review the status of all software and hardware assets
  • Printing: See what's been printed
File Size: 32,1MB
OS: Windows