04 November 2008

Quicken 2009 Accounting Software

Quicken Home & Business 2009 Accounting Software gives you the personal financial features found in Quicken Premier plus smart home business tracking tools.

Bring your personal finance and home based business accounts together -- including online banking, credit card, loan, 401(k) and investing accounts. Avoid the hassle of going to multiple web sites. Now you can see it all in one place with just ONE password. Access over 6,000 banks, brokerages and other financial institutions -- including PayPal.

Because Quicken Home & Business tracks both your personal and business finances, it's easy to track business expenses you paid for with a personal account -- i.e., office supplies on a personal credit card or dinner out with a client you paid for with personal cash.

The Business tab gives you an overall snapshot of what's coming in for the month, what's going out, and what's left in your accounts. Easily track your business' profit or loss -- check in anytime to see how your home business is growing.

See what bills have already been paid, what's coming up and if you have enough left in your accounts to cover them -- all in one convenient place. Set reminders to pay bills on time and instantly check past bills if you need to verify an unusual charge or transaction.

Quicken's new, free service -- Quicken Picks -- helps you make the most of every dollar. Quicken Picks seeks out the best online coupons and discount offers just for you -- on the stuff you care about. And with Quicken Picks, you get cashback on all your purchases, helping you save even more. You can sign up for Quicken Picks anytime within your Quicken 2009 software.

An insightful "My Savings Plan" summarizes your actual spending and compares it to what you planned to spend for the month. Quickly understand what's left over each month for you to invest.

The Quicken.com Investing Portfolio gives you a 360° view across all of your investments -- anytime, from anywhere. Define goals, set targets, and perform thorough analysis of your 401(k), mutual funds, and stock investing with advanced tools and investing reports. Get alerts on your favorite stocks and funds to help you make informed decisions about your portfolio.

Make sure you capture all your deductions -- including mileage and expenses for specific jobs, or even household expenses that you can partially write off. The business tax deduction summary lets you instantly see your tax deduction status throughout the year to help avoid any April 15th surprises. Easily export your data directly to TurboTax for fast and accurate tax preparation.