19 December 2008

Advanced PDF Password Recovery

Remove annoying restrictions from PDF files! Advanced PDF Password Recovery instantly unlocks PDF documents that restrict you of printing, editing or copying of data to clipboard. This is by far the most common protection found in PDF files. If you can open a document without a password, but cannot print it at all or are restricted to low-quality output, or if you cannot copy data to clipboard or cannot edit the document.


  • Supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat, including Acrobat 9.
  • Supports GPU acceleration.
  • Supports all third-party products producing PDF files.
  • Instantly unlocks PDF documents with printing, copying and editing restrictions.
  • Removes “owner” and “user” passwords.
  • Recovers passwords to open.
  • Supports 40-bit and 128-bit RC4 encryption as well as 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Patent-pending Thunder Tables™ technology recovers 40-bit passwords in a matter of minutes.
  • Dictionary and brute-force attacks with user-defined masks and advanced templates.
  • Three editions to satisfy the most demanding and savvy customers.
  • Optionally removes JScript code, form fields and digital signatures.
  • Batch mode allows automatic processing of multiple files.
  • Highly optimized low-level code optimized for modern multi-core CPUs.
OS: Windows