28 December 2008

inFlow Inventory Software

inFlow Inventory Software is an inventory system for small businesses. It's fast, easy, and flexible to help you manage your business. Such as process orders, track customers, manage inventory, use barcode scanners, view reports, share information with colleagues, and many more.

By using inFlow, you can free up more cash, save time on daily tasks, impress your customers, track profits and best-sellers, and keep fully detailed records.

Almost any sort of small business or non-profit organization you can imagine is using this inventory management software. For example; retailers, wholesalers, eBay sellers, service consultants, manufacturers, food service vendors, lodging places, schools, and many more.

It also support sales taxes and currencies for businesses all around the world.

There are two version of this software. But if you only need the basics, they offer the Free Edition to use forever at no charge. so you can see how much easier life is with free inventory software compared to traditional methods of handling inventory, sales, and purchasing. Then you can easily buy a license to unlock the Standard Edition features any time you're ready.

File Size: 103MB
OS: Windows