04 November 2008

Quicken Home Inventory Manager

Quicken Home Inventory Manager Software makes it easy to keep an organized record of your belongings, so you are ready for an insurance claim in case of an emergency. A photo inventory tool lets you easily drag and drop photos for faster claim processing and more complete records. Providing your insurance company with proof of ownership helps eliminate hassles and a comprehensive record ensures you won't forget to claim any items. Enter your coverage amounts for your insurance policies and compare them to actual replacement costs. Make sure nothing gets left behind when you move and have a record if you do need to make an insurance claim.

Back up your information with Quicken Online Backup so you can easily access it from anywhere. Recording each item and noting its beneficiary can help communicate your intentions for estate planning. The Inventory Value Summary shows you what the contents of your entire home are worth. The Inventory Detail Report gives you a detailed look at the information you've entered for each item. Keep an organized record of your possessions, receipts and photos Help expedite insurance claims with documented evidence of everything you own Easily keep track of your belongings when you move Simplify your estate planning by recording each item and noting its beneficiary Take a key step in preparing for an emergency.